About Us

Our purpose is to create and capture the vision and essence of smoking a cigar with elegance; in fashion, intimate and social settings or just having fun at the beach.

Welcome to Forbidden Leaf Cigars (FLC). FLC was created to bring elegance back to smoking cigars.

Smoking a Cigar is an incredibly meditative experience when done alone. You sit down, light the cigar, and puff on it.The Flavors of oak, spice, cedar, chocolate, and coffee dancing on your tongue and nose can’t be compared to anything else. 


In Social situations, it is pure camaraderie coming together with your close friends on a Friday night with cigars and some bourbon, scotch, or whiskey is akin to simply blowing the week’s stress away. It makes you sit back and Appreciate some of the smaller things in life you tend to forget about. The Aroma of the premium tobacco – it can’t be compared to the soulless nicotine hit of a cigarette or the artificial flavoring in a hookah.Cigars are in a league of their own.

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