“ The gentleman or lady is one that smokes with elegance despite the dilemma”.

Oak, spice, cedar, chocolate, and coffee dancing on your tongue and nose

Forbidden Leaf Cigars is about quality over quantity. Sophistication and elegance rolled up perfectly.  

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Elegance is the only beauty and never fades


Our clients expect only the best, and that’s what Forbidden Leaf Cigars provides. 

Vanessa T

Interior Designer

These are great cigars! Not only are they a fine and smooth smoke, they are also great addition to my collection of cigars!! My ladies love them!

Rick M

Financial Executive 

The essence and blend of this cigar is exquisite. The mild taste and robust flavor make this a cigar that you will enjoy all the time. Thanks again!

Osiris S

Manufacturing Executive 

The cigar was exquisite, and it had a good draw and flavor. I would say it was Cubaness.

David C

IT Executive 

I’m always in search for a smoke but this Malvagio Cigars one of my all-time favorites. The cigar had great construction, pleasant aroma, smooth taste, never bitter. This will be one of my go to cigars! Thanks for great cigar experience.

Forbidden Leaf Cigars is more than a store, it's an experience!

Smoking a Cigar is an incredibly meditative experience when done alone. You sit down, light the cigar, and puff on it. The Flavors of oak, spice, cedar, chocolate, and coffee dancing on your tongue and nose can’t be compared to anything else.